Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Norwegian winter beauty..

I did threaten to post more winter pictures, so here they are.
Trees, I love them. Tall and majestic, these ones don't have much snow cover since they are getting a bit of sun.
 But these ones just fail to get any sun at this time of year. Different scene.
 It's like walking through a winter wonderland.
 Here's a tree that I posted a picture of in an earlier post. Still looking good.
 Frozen water.
Now, the next picture is just for fun. It's a crap picture, but it's the nearest we've got to getting a picture of a Squirrel.. Note his little bright eyes, dead centre of the image.
A couple more shots which simply show the beauty of the area.
And here's another one which shows the beauty of the interaction between rocks, ice, and water. It's so beautiful that I'm sure it could be featured in the Tate Modern Gallery.
Now for a bit more wildlife. Several Hegri (Heron in English), (Hegre in Norwegian).. I deliberately  didn't use plural words for simplicity, but if you want it's Hegris, Herons, and Hegrer. ;)
Anyway, don't think their fishing was going too well.
In fact the Hegri on the left in this image reminds me of a T.Shirt I saw many years ago depicting 2 hungry looking Buzzards on a branch, with the caption: "Patience My Ass, I'm Going To Kill Something".
Another interesting bird, a woodpecker. He was too busy chopping wood to turn round for a picture.
That picture was of special interest to me as it brought back a childhood memory.
Now you're rightly thinking that since Shetland doesn't have very many trees, Woodpeckers should be rare, or non-existent. But in the late 60s a Woodpecker attacked an electricity pole at the back of my parents house to such an extent that the pole had to be replaced for fear it would break off at the weakened point. If I recall correctly the story even reached the pages of the famous Sunday Post newspaper.

 Now, to get away from nature.
Vestnes had the opening of two new shops today. A new bookshop has opened, a branch of Notabene. Not that I'm overly enthusiastic about books, but they do sell nice jigsaw puzzles. ;)
The other shop which opened today was the new Rema 1000 store next door to us. I would post a picture of it but partly for fear of breaking a camera by taking a picture of such an ugly building, I've decided to hold that picture back for the next time I decide to have a rant about pathetic architecture, or bad planning policy.
But, that aside, congratulations to both shops. The wife visited Notabene, bought me a puzzle, and as the book fanatic in the house she was very impressed. I visited the new Rema shop, and I actually think they have just brought shopping in Vestnes 'almost' into the 21st century..

Anyhow, after another long day at work, I'm knackered, so bed beckons me.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Very nice, brocolli and mole hills :oP

    Only jealous, wish we'd get some...

  2. HE HE HE ;) lol.
    Nice comment Kev.
    Laughing butt off.