Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Colder and colder..

The cold spell continues, and according to the news feed the UK is feeling the effects as well. BBC weather was reporting possible snowfalls of up to 20cm in parts Scotland and Northern England, so I guess the UK will grind to a halt.

Shetland news are reporting many accidents caused by icy conditions, when in fact the accidents were actually caused by the nuts behind the steering wheels. (And before anybody criticises me for saying that, I once turned a car upside down on icy roads, and it was my fault for not taking care. I was the nut in that case..)

Here in Norway, the cold has gripped with a venom not normally seen until January. Our local weather stations are reporting -7C tonight, whilst further inland at Bjorli they are reporting -24C. But, as usual, the prize for lowest temperature goes to a more northerly location, Kautokeino, with a temperature of -32C ( and falling).

Now, if some scientist, politician, or other individual who is making a profit from the Global Warming theory, could just explain this to me, I'd be happy.

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