Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bits and pieces...

Quite literally.
I've now had over a week of resting a damaged tendon in my arm, and me without work is like a bear with a sore butt.
I would have been chewing the furniture now if it wasn't for a passion that I've had since I was a small child.
Jigsaw Puzzles, or Puslespill in Norwegian.
I honestly don't think there is a better way to kill boredom, so for the last week I've been finishing a 1000 piece puzzle almost every day. We have about 85 puzzles in the house, so I have plenty to choose from. Here's the one I started today, and I know at least one of my followers will know exactly where the image is from.
A jigsaw puzzle is a little bit like life, I think. Lots of little pieces which don't make much sense on their own, but put them together and all of a sudden everything becomes clear.
I spent 6 weeks in Trondheim for radiation therapy earlier this year, and while I'm fairly sure that the radiation therapy did it's job, I'm equally sure that the puzzle therapy kept me sane by giving my mind something to focus on.

And lastly, another little puzzle in life's endless chain of confusion...
Although winter is here, roses are still blooming, or at least trying to. And then, just when my brain cell had been confused by that fact, this happens....
Yup, known in Shetland as a Mayflooer, this is a Primrose blooming in November..

Ah well, back to my jigsaw, that's an easier puzzle than nature.

Yun's aa fir enoo


  1. Jigsaws... not that depserate yet, but I'll share a jug of frustration with you ;O)

  2. :D :D
    Try it Kev. It's great therapy. I can actually get so involved with a puzzle that I never even hear the wife... Ooops!!!
    I started building jigsaws when I was about 3, small wooden ones with less that 50 pieces, got quickly bored with them and started building them picture side down to add a challenge,,, according to my mother.

  3. Do I know the town in the jigsaw? Yes, same as todays photos in my blog. Great! And thanks for your comments!

  4. Randi,
    I kinda figured you would see that one easily.
    I've made that puzzle a few times now, and it gets funnier every time. Now that I know some of the buildings I pick up a piece of the puzzle, know exactly which building it belongs to, then can't remember where I was when I saw that building.
    Ålesund has such a special architecture that it will always be my favourite town. Apart maybe from Aberdeen, but that is for a completely different reason. lol