Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter pictures.

I remembered to take my camera today...
The view in through Tresfjorden at 10am this morning was a tad chilly. The temperature on the thermometer at work was reading -5C.
The frost fog on the water was kinda haunting.
On the way home at lunchtime I remembered to take a snap of the 'dumped' Maple leaves. When these trees drop their leaves, they do it in style. The carpet of leaves is almost thicker than the snow.
Since it was going to be a fine day I suggested  to the little wife, my Peerie Trowie, that she should go for a walk and take some pictures around the voe for me.. She came back with 119 pictures which I've only had time to have a glance over so far. But here's a few samples.
Looking west over Flatevågen (the flat voe)..
And looking northeast across the voe, towards the church.
Another scene, looking west over the voe. This looks about as cold as I have been feeling all day..

I'll dig through more of her pictures tomorrow. There are some beauties, but they have to be straightened before I can post them. This problem is a result of her having been in Shetland a few times.
I don't think she took bad pictures before she visited Shetland, they always appeared to be level. But after encountering some real wind which resulted in her Shetland pictures leaning one way or the other, depending on wind direction, she has now developed this disturbing trend with all her pictures.
Perhaps there is some gyro stabilisation system available for trowie photographers, or maybe I should just install a counter balance in her underwear,, once I figure out which way she's leaning. ;) ;)

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo..
Mair da moarn.

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