Friday, November 19, 2010

God was that a road trip??

12 hours, for a round trip drive of 500km.
Four ferries, several bridges, 22km of tunnels, an awkward satellite navigator, and icy roads, made a trip that I don't want to repeat for a long time.
And the scenery was just the same all the way, boring, like this.
Having left home at 6.30 this morning, it was 10 o'clock before we caught the first bit of sun touching a mountain top. The sun was having bother sneaking above the mountains and hills most of the way, so failed on the photo front. And places where there was a good chance of a picture there was no way to pull over as the layby's at viewpoints hadn't been cleared of snow.
And it was too damned cold to stop and get out of the car anyway. Driving through Rindal the temperature on the car's thermometer registered a low of -18.7C
We arrived at Trondheim before mid day. The temperature was only about -5C, but it was a very raw air, and the little bit of breeze just cut through all the layers of clothing, and skin, and went right to the bone.
We took a little walk down to the river near the hospital. The low sun peeking through the trees looked great, especially with the frostrøyk (frost smoke) hanging over the water.
Looking down the river didn't look much warmer.
After my appointment we hit the road quickly, despite some mentions of shopping from my little female navigator. After all, it's enough to be prodded by a female doctor, without having to listen to a female navigator. At which point, I have to ask the question, is it possible to get an in car SatNav system which doesn't speak in a blonde female voice? Guess I'll get a slap for that statement. lol.

There might have been a little bit of frostrøyk over the river at Trondheim, but there was far more of it over the fjord at Orkanger. I think this picture should be titled 'Smokin'.
Rather than take the road main E39 road for this trip we had decided to go through Surnadal. No problems on the way north because I remembered our last trip that way and could ignore Greetin Gertie (the SatNav), but this was the first time I had driven home by this route, so mistakes were bound to happen.
Some mistakes were caused by Greetin Gertie telling me totally wrong things (because her maps are out of date), some mistakes were made by me not trusting Greetin Gertie when I should have, and the occasional little mishap was as a result of Tröttlin Trowie (my human navigator) actually understanding a request for directions after I had passed the junction in question. But, looking on the bright side, our detours today could only account for about 1 wasted kilometre by the time we got home, and that is a record for me. ;)

Anyhow, more boring trees.
 Some frostier looking trees with a nice little shed/storage house (Stabbur).
The sun sank behind the hills about 14.30, but there was still enough light to snap our first glimpse of a real mountain, since leaving the flat hills of the Trøndelag county. I find something very homely about mountains now, and no matter where we travel in this lovely country, it's nice to catch the first glimpse of the beautiful West Norway mountains.
So, all that driving, scenery which I can't describe because it is so beautiful, and which I failed to get pictures of, but which will have to be revisited when time and road conditions allow for photographic opportunities, how do I sum up today?
Absolutely ******* worn out.
But like any experience, I have learned a few things:

1) Driving on ice when you're not allowed to slide around and have fun should be banned. eg. leave the wife at home. ;)
2) Satellite Navigators should not be trusted.
3) Navigating women should be woken up at least 1km before any decision is required.
4) Men who have a strongly opinionated wife should let the wife drive, assuming she has a driving license and an ability to navigate.
5) After this post I'd better hide in a bomb proof shelter, just in case she learns enough navigation to find me. lol

But, enough rubbish.
After 500km for a 15 minute appointment, the bad news is that I'm going to be around for a while longer to bore readers with the crap I write. The doctor could find nothing wrong, and now my case has thankfully been referred to our local hospital for future 3 monthly check-ups.

Cost of trip:       About 1300 kroner (£130)
Cost of results:  Priceless

Yun's aa fir enoo, fae an auld bugger dat's no i too ill helt. lol


  1. Glad you got the all clear. Terrible to have to drive through that boring scenery, good job it didn't send you to sleep.

    The boring scenery has done me a favour though. Clare want's to know: are there lakes you can ice skate on, where is the nearest cabin to rent, and what's the best way to get there!!! Sounds like I'm on to a promise :O)

  2. You can skate on the roads just now. I've proved that today. ;)
    Cabins to rent are available everywhere, and depending on season are about Kr500 to Kr700 (£50 to £70) per night. Sumburgh to Bergen is about the only way, then bus travel is regular and reasonably priced. Obviously if you're staying in this area, a Shetland speaking tour guide is available. Obviously such a guided tour might cost about 1 litre of duty free. lol