Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Winter Pics...

Here's a few more pictures from yesterday.
I've often heard of a person being photogenic, but if there's one country in the world which deserves to be called photogenic, it has to be Norway. Just point the camera and click. There's always something beautiful to see.
In that last one you maybe noticed the ice on the water. Well it makes some special effects when the tide goes out.
This pic is one that I think I'd love to have as a jigsaw puzzle. Note the swans on the voe.
They looked fairly happy. There are more wildlife shots, but I'll maybe dig them out tomorrow.
Now, a few more scenes that I think would make lovely jigsaw puzzles. (I know I'm weird, but I always look at pictures from the point of view of jigsaw difficulty).  :) :)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed those.
Maybe more tomorrow.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. oh you're just making me jealous as anything. Hills, lakes, snow and... trees!

    Lovely photos too

  2. Hills?? Them are mountains ;) Well, anything over 800 metres is usually a mountain here. Or anything above the treeline,,, although I can understand that "treeline" is something that Shetlanders like us just don't understand..

    And, actually that lake is a voe (våg in norwegian). Although it's very tidal and has a fair percentage of fresh water draining into it. Apparently there are some nice Cod in there, and a unique species of herring, but I've not tried to catch any yet.

    I must try to find out more about that voe for a future post....

  3. Beautiful area! Actually "mine" esplanade.