Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vestnes Illuminations...

Since tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent, today is the logical day for the local Christmas lights to be switched on, including some new ones on the lamp posts along Sjøgata.

Since the light pollution is now so bad, we thought we might as well add to it, by putting lights on a small tree in front of the door.
So that's our Christmas tree for this year. We had an indoor one last year and we were still finding pine needles months after, so no more indoor trees..

Well, with Christmas only 4 weeks away now, I hope you've all sent your letters to Santa. I still haven't done mine yet, but that's a project for this weekend.
My Santa list for 2008 can be seen here: Dear Santa
And last year's list can be seen here: Dear Santa 2009

Hopefully this years Santa letter will be a bit more sensible,,, some chance. ;)

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.
An, hae a göd helly aabody.

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