Thursday, November 18, 2010

På Vegen Igjen

Or, to put that in English.... On The Road Again..
Or in Shetland ..... Upö Da Rod Igyen

Yup, we're heading out in the morning for another trip to Trondheim. 500km round trip for a 10 minute appointment with the cancer doctors. Don't expect them to find anything wrong, since the only sore bits I've got are all caused by the brutal treatment I give my old body with multiple 12 hour working days....

I'm not exactly looking forwards to this road trip. It's a long way to drive on ice or hard packed snow, and I won't be allowed to have any fun because as well as the satellite navigator (nicknamed Greetin Gertie), I have my darling wife with me as human navigator (nicknamed Tröttelin Trowie, when she is in 'bitchin about my driving' mode.... lol...)
The great beauty of having an old car, and this is what the wife fails to realise, is that sliding around on snow and ice, without fear of causing expensive damage. is just pure adrenalin pumping fun for old farts like me.

Now, speaking about ice. The old car looks a bit like it has been 'fur coated' now with the build up of ice crystals. I'd never seen ice crystals growing so long until I came here. The roof of the car has crystals about 1cm long all over it now. Here's a little picture of them.
And a couple more pictures of ice crystals...
The first one was just on a stone, again the crystals were about 1cm long, and looked a bit like long grain rice..
The last pic was just on the grass, but I thought it looked nice.

Anyway, hopefully have some nice pictures to post after our trip tomorrow. Forecast is for wall to wall sunshine and temperatures well below freezing, so a nice clear air for photos.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Good luck with all that.

    I'm supposed to go to Aberdeen for a 5 minute check up on my knee 23rd December. Well I'm not. Am trying to get one arranged up here though.

    I too enjoy the freedom of knowing that if the car gets a dent while you're having a ball it doesn't matter. Go for that beaten copper effect. Some friends spend more on tyres than my 'perrie trooker' cost LOL.

    Nice ice!

  2. You're so right about some folk spending more money on tyres.. The kids around here burn them off on the road, burning I think they call it, (until the police take their driving license).

    And the way the weather here is going, ice is just about all I will be posting for the next 6 months... BRRRR!!!!