Monday, May 10, 2010

Trondheim Trip - Part 4

After the doctors stopped playing about with my innards, and after they were happy that I was suffering no ill effects from the anesthetic, I escaped from St Olav's Hospital. And, having not eaten for about 14 hours, we paid a visit to the Cafe Dublin for lots of food. It's a nice place, and as can be seen from the sign, top left in this picture, it's easy to find the toilet.
 Then we hit the road, but not before I did my good deed for the day by helping a very nice, very blonde lady, who had completely failed in her attempts to park her car in the same car park as us. She had got to the stage of complete mirror entanglement, but to give her her due she hadn't damaged anything, and thankfully I didn't damage anything when I unwittered (Shetland word which fits, and has no sensible English translation) her car for her.

Anyway, on the road, and heading south on the E6. Near Trondheim there just isn't anything that could be called a mountain, but there are some weird looking hills.
And as we slowly climbed on the way south the rivers looked nice, but I bet they were cold.
The valleys all look the same, and I have to admit get boring after a while.
But if you look carefully at that picture you'll see the railway. Along which I happened to snap, whilst on the move, this rather interesting railway station.
As we got higher, the river looked increasingly colder.
Until we reached the summit of the road, on the roof of Norway at Dovrefjell. Height above sea level is 1026.1 metres, and here's the marker to prove it.
The roads over the mountains are reasonably good, and fairly straight since it's basically a flat plateau. Here's a couple of scenes from the area.
It's certainly bleak country, yet absolutely fascinating.Then we started coming back down to more sensible levels, and the roads started twisting around the mountains again, which is where we encountered warning signs like this.
Obviously a danger of running into a damned great star in the middle of the road. ;)

Anyhow, the next post on this trip should be the last, covering the section from Dombås to home, with some really sinister shots of the mountains in Romsdalen.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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