Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden improvements..

Considering the weather we're having at the moment, perhaps watching TV would be a better way to spend my time, but since I don't have much time off work just now, and the garden needs work done, poor little me has to do it no matter what the weather, when I do get a some time spare.
One of the main projects at the moment is to create a path round to "Da Sitterie Ooterie", our patio.
 This bit of the path is still under construction, but the first part is finished.
One slight snag with the path is that it goes in front of the satellite dish.
This causes a problem when I'm watching my Sci-Fi programs. There's nothing worse than a program freezing due to signal loss when a peerie Trowie walks past the dish.
So the solution to the problem was to create a mini sitterie ooterie, in front of the door. This has become known as "Da Reekerie Ooterie", in other words, 'the smoking area'.
Well, I managed to get it finished today, with the completion of a fence to hold back a bush which is threatening to take over the whole garden.
I'm fairly chuffed with the result, and I love the little table and chairs which we bought the other day for only 400 Kroner (about £45).
 The bush behind the fence is starting to bloom now, a month later than last year which shows how rubbish the weather has been. When it does bloom it's an absolute explosion of vibrant yellow. I'll try to post a picture of it when it's at its best.

One of the next little projects I have to do is to make a couple of signs for "Da Sitterie Ooterie" and "Da Reekerie Ooterie". I just fancy doing that to confuse Norskie visitors. ;)

Yun's aa fie enoo.

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