Thursday, May 27, 2010

Honey, the wonder car.

Honey the Honda never fails to amaze me.
I bought her 2 years ago, sort of by accident, since we were actually just walking past the car dealer on our way to another shop. She cost 16000 kroner (about £1500 at the time, although more like £1700 now since the £ has sunk in value so much).
Within the first 3 months Honey suffered a small lighting failure, which cost about 700 kroner to fix. Then in August 2008 I had to have a bandage put on an exhaust leak, that cost about 900 kroner, (that bandage is still holding, so worth the money).
Since then, 2 light bulbs and 1 litre of oil, that's it, until this week.

She was due her mandatory EU Kontrol test. Similar to the UK MOT test, but only done every 2 years, so perhaps a little bit stricter. I fully expected her to fail for something, after all she is 20 years old, but since the only thing I could see wrong was her tyres which were near the limit, I replaced them, and headed to the testing centre today.

The test goes over all the same things as an MOT test, but the old girl came out with flying colours. They couldn't find anything wrong, so she's clear to continue giving me motoring pleasure for another 2 years.

Here's Honey looking rather proud of herself tonight. Maybe I should think about giving her a wash, she's only had one of those since I bought her.
An interesting little point about this particular model of the Honda Accord, which I found out when I did a Google search shortly after buying her. In one state in America, this model was the most likely car to be stolen because they were in such demand.

Anyway, looking good for a 20 year old.
:) :)

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