Monday, May 17, 2010


We had another influx of Swallows this weekend, and God, these guys are hard to catch with a camera, especially given the time delay on some digital cameras. But, after a long time spent snapping, I eventually got this image.
These guys really are the 'Spitfire' of the bird world. Even the shape of their wings confirm that nickname.
That was one shot from about 80 attempts.
I'm glad it wasn't on  film, the processing cost would have been horrendous.


  1. cool pic :o)

    Digital is great isn't it. Hit an all time record of over 400 shots at Sumburgh trying to get birds in flight.

    Think my wife's going to start hiding the camera when we got out LOL!

  2. I normally set my camera to take multiple images as long as I press the shutter, it sometimes works.