Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trondheim Trip - Part 3

Gamle Bybru (Old Town Bridge) is by far the best bridge over the river. I used to be able to lift for ships, but it is now fixed, although they have retained some of the workings of the lift purely for decoration.
From the bridge there is a good view of the buildings on either side of the river, downstream.
And upstream. Note the floating cafe pontoon.
The main reason for crossing the river here was to go up to the fort., Kristiansten Festning. It's a fairly steep uphill walk, but well worth the effort.
Building of the fort was completed in 1685. The defensive tower, called Donjonen, which stands atop the fort, originally had cannons on the top 2 floors, and a powder room in the basement. The wall of the building which faces the river, on the right in the picture, is 4 metres thick. There are quite a few cannons around the fort walls, some of which work, and are fired to mark special occasions, such as a royal birth.
Here's the info board which shows the layout of the fort, sadly the vandals have been at it.
This is part of the inside of the fort wall.
The fort offers excellent views over the town, even on a dull day like this one was.
This view is looking towards the Norwegian University of Science and Technology which is an impressive building.

And this shot looks towards the St Olav Hospital complex, which I've become all too well acquainted with in recent months.
 Looking towards the Kirk.
And a view towards the harbour area.
 This view shows Munkholmen (The Monks Holm), which lies about 1.5km offshore. The island and the building on it, has in the past been, an execution site, a fort, a monastery, and a German anti-aircraft installation during WWII. It is now a museum. I'll maybe get a trip out to the island when I go back next time.
The coast on the other side of the fjord, in the distance, is about 20km away.

And, then back into town across that nice bridge again, here's a closer shot of the arches on it.
Yun's aa fir enoo.

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