Friday, May 28, 2010

Da Rekerie Ooterie is finished.

With less than a week until our Shetland visitors arrive, there has been panic to finish our various garden projects.
We don't want to let Shetlanders think that Norway hasn't any horticultural capability.... Maybe somebody can explain what 'horticultural' means. It's just something I picked up, supposedly connected to gardening, which is a grey area to me.
So the last of the plants have been planted, the last of the Butinox has been applied, and it's looking as good as it is likely to be.
Including the damned parasol......
And, in case you can't see the finer detail, here's a zoom shot of a little Squirrel who got his nut. I love this little guy, got him as a birthday present, and I can assure you that the marks on the fence below him are just a result of bad painting, He didn't have a dose of the runs.

Yun's aa fir enoo..
Going to bed before 'she who paints fences' reads this.

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