Monday, May 17, 2010

National Day

 The National Day, or Grunnlovsdag, is by far the biggest day in the Norwegian year.
It's yet another day for flying the flag, and yet again another day for washing the flag this year. The weather has been miserable, with the temperature struggling to reach 11C. But that doesn't seem to dampen the spirit of the day, especially for the children.
Many folk turn out in their national dress, which I, as a Shetlander find absolutely fascinating. I mean, think about it, what is Shetland's national dress? Wellie boots, flat caps, and dungarees.

Norway takes great pride, and rightly so, in its national identity. I'm just proud to be able to live amongst such a great people, and be accepted by them, even if I may never get the hang of the local language.

The Vestnes Kommune consists of several villages; Skorgen, Vikebukt, Fiksdal, Daugstad, Tresfjord, Tomrefjord, Øverås/Nerås, Rekdal, and Helland, where I live, each of which have their celebration on 17th May.
I took a little video of the parade across the Old Helland Bridge. Pity the weather was so dull, but it's nice to see the costumes, and even nicer to see the way that people of so many different nationalities, are so easily integrated into what is a very Norwegian day

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