Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still on macro images...

Here's one for Shetlandpeat, just to make up for him scaring me with a bumblebee.
This is perhaps my favourite beastie picture. The 'face' on his back is amazing.

I suppose at this point that all ladies are running for cover, and calling me lots of bad names, for posting such a nice image of a very much maligned and misunderstood creature.
;) ;)


  1. LOL!

    As I said macro wars.

    Watch out you never know what beatie will pop up next ;o)

  2. The beastie I really want to pop up is a Tarantula. I've always wanted one for a pet, since the first time I held one in my hand.
    Getting a Tarantula isn't a problem, it's finding a woman who can live with one that is a problem. LOL

  3. PS. Special comment.
    The picture of this beautiful arachnid is posted especially for my dear sister who has had to change her panties since she saw it. LOL
    Result. LOL

  4. hehehe one of my child hood freinds had tarantulas. Some big buggers too, snakes and scorpions too. Never really saw the point. Another had chameleons, now they were cool ad mesmerising to watch hunt the crickets he fed them.