Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Macro

 I think my camera is stuck in macro mode.
Yesterday I evicted some snails from one of our rose bushes, and just for fun, lined them up for a race.
They shot of at such a speed that I didn't really manage to catch the action, didn't have a high enough shutter speed available, but when one of them came into the pits for a slime change, I got this picture.
This one was the eventual winner of the race, purely because the other three failed to appear in the paddock at the end of the event. ;)

Anyway, continuing with the macro theme, here's a mystery, or perhaps a moment of truth.
I've always thought that people are a bit like ants, when it comes to some things, such as satellite TV. People worship the multitude of channels they get from Sky, or Viasat, or whatever their local supplier is, behaving very much like ants, in as much that they strive towards viewing the drivel that is broadcast without question, just as ants never seem to question their purpose in life.
But ants seem to worship the feed cable from the satellite dish, and here's two pictures to prove it.
These ants normally run around, being busy at whatever they think is important to them, all day. But today they have discovered the attraction of satellite TV, and have congregated around the feed cable, worhiping it all day. I don't know if it's an attraction to any residual heat from the cable, or more likely the electromagnetic fields surrounding the cable, (they congregate at about 60cm intervals), but they're the calmest ants I've ever seen.
Proof once more, as if it was needed, that television can turn anybody, or any ant, into a lazy couch potato.

Any sensible, or even amusing, explanation for their behaviour would be greatly appreciated.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. 60 cm sounds like the wave length of some satalite frequencies. You could be an anorak and check it out. If it were me I would disconnect it and fit my 70cm rig to see if the moved along. Facinating

  2. It's absolutely weird, and although I've tried a google search for an answer, I've hit the problem that "Ant" is short for antenna, so all I get is bullsquash about aerials etc... Must figure out how to refine my search.
    Interestingly, the ants moved today, when the sun got hot. They moved to a couple of more shaded parts of the cable, but still the same calm little creatures... Well maybe not now, 'she who waters plants' gave them a bath. ;)