Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trondheim Trip - Part 2

Here's a selection of scenes from the town centre of Trondheim.
The first one, seen from across the river, is Nidarosdomen. Trondheim's Muckle Kirk.

Next is a bit of clever tree surgery which caught my eye. Should straighten it up nicely.
The building in the background is the local Student's Union.

This memorial caught my attention. It's a memorial to the sportsmen from the area who died in World War 2

Here's a view of the main bridge across  Nidelven (the river Nid), there has been a bridge of some sort across the river at this point since about 1178.
Trondheim has a very varied architectural heritage, which can be seen from the following pictures:
Such as the Trøndelag Theatre, below.
Which is just alongside this architectural disaster of an extension to an old building.
Perhaps the building which enthralled me most was this one. Vår Frues Kirke. (Our Lady's Kirk)
The tower was built in 1739, but some parts of the church which can be seen from the reverse angle here, date from the 12th century.
The town square's main features are the Trondheim Torg shopping centre and the statue of Olaf Tryggvason.
This building just looked impressive.
And this is a nice example of how architectural features which are normally only seen on stone buildings, were adopted by wood workers in the 18th century.
Here's a view across to the other side of the river from the town centre. On the hill can be seen Kristiansten Festning, the local fort. And just to the right of that the top of the Tyholt Tower which has a rotating restaurant  that sells beer for 99 kroner for a pint (well 60cl).
I'll add more pictures from the other side of the river in one of my next posts.

But here's a picture I just had to add as an example of the sculptures which appear everywhere in Norway.
This one is at the St Olav's Hospital, and I think it's quite brilliant. Public buildings in Norway have some sort of obligation to display art of one kind or another, and often, like this one, they are classics. :)

There are some more pictures from Trondheim, which I took in January, in this Photobucket album.

Yun's aa fir enoo, mair eftir.

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