Saturday, May 8, 2010

And I thought Britain had some stupid ideas....

Just to show that Britain isn't the stupidest country in the world, and Lord knows I never thought I would say this, but Norway has just taken the golden crown for stupidity.
This relates to cars, and their use, etc... Britain has the MOT test which has to be performed every year, and in theory that can be done on the date, eg. 365 days after the last test, or earlier if you prefer.
But in Norway, as usual, things are a bit different. So I got a letter from the authorities today telling me that Honey the Honda was overdue for her EU Kontroll, (equivalent of the MOT).
Now, this test is only performed every 2 years, and since I bought the car at the end of May 2008, I had just been thinking about it, and thought I'd see to it at the end of the month.
Now, having trawled through the pages of the highways department, I find that the due date for the test is defined by the last digit of the registration number, in my case 4, which means month 4, April. Sadly for me, that page is one of the many which isn't translated into English (or Shetland).
Never mind, they give a month for the test to be done from the time they issue the warning letter, so situation normal as far as I'm concerned. And being the awkward old sod that I am, I'll get it done to my schedule, as originally planned.
Though, there is one good point about getting a car tested in Norway. Apparently the testing stations are well regulated, and honest, which is a damned sight more than could be said about MOT testing stations in Shetland, or Britain in general, which rely for their profits on conning innocent individuals into expensive repairs which are not needed.

Car rant over ;) ;) LOL

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