Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Diverse musical taste? - Or just plain weird?

Maybe some folks have picked up on the fact that I'm a Willie Nelson fan. But that's just my main interest in music, and I think that me and Peerie Trowie have between us accumulated just about every CD, DVD, cassette, VHS, etc.. featuring Willie. (well maybe only 90%, but we're working on it.)
And in fact Peerie Trowie has about the best Johnny Cash collection I've ever seen. She only got interested in Wille Nelson because he was the funny little red headed guy who appeared with Johnny on the Highwaymen.

Considering what I've been listening to tonight, I thought that it might be worth posting something about my musical taste, or lack of taste, just to get others thinking.

You see, tonight I suffered from a serious drop into a vacuum. Peerie Trowie is stuck on a month of late shifts at her work. I'm going to seriously miss her company, but it gives me a chance to try out new things, and enjoy some old things which she hates.
First on this 'outlaw schedule' was a feed of lamb cutlets, she hates them, but it's food for the Gods as far as I'm concerned. But, being the dutiful husband, I made her a Shepherd's Pie to eat when she gets home, and that gives me so many brownie points that I can get away with almost anything for the next month. ;)

Second on my list of things that she hates was a dredge through my favourite music.
I started with a little bit of Eddie Barclay, followed by some of Bobby Tulloch's songs, then I had a listen to some Strauss (Johann the elder), namely the Blue Danube, which I absolutely love. But hopefully I didn't annoy the neighbours too much with the eventual selection for my listening pleasure tonight. Meat Loaf .

Meat Loaf (born. Marvin Lee Aday) turns 63 on the 27th of this month, and he's still performing worldwide.
I know that most folk don't have as diverse, or weird, a taste in music as I have. But Meat Loaf really has to be given some serious credit for the sheer brilliance of the way he structures and presents his music. He really should have been an opera singer, but then rock music would have lost so much.
Here's an example of this great artist's work, and one of my all time favourites, from somebody other than Willie Nelson..

Be a devil, turn the volume way up high, lean back and just enjoy it. It's a brilliant video

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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