Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random things

Maybe my brain has been cooked too much by this late summer heat, or maybe, as usual, I'm just rambling through the thought processes of my aged brain cell. So this post will likely have to be categorised as abstract.

I'm working 12 hour days again, although according to a doctor I shouldn't be.  I've got a damaged tendon in my arm which is giving me hell in the mornings, but the harder I work the better it gets, so sod the doctors, ;)

We've had a beautiful week of weather, getting into the 20s C most days, and today hit 24.7C at our side of the fjord. Not maybe the best temperature to be working with hot metal, but it's always good practice for where I'll likely end up in the afterlife. ;)

With hardly a cloud seen for the last week, the mornings have been particularly fine. This shot was taken at about 6.30 this morning. I know there's a name in the Shetland dialect for this phenomenon, but I can't remember it just now. And note the airplane contrail in the bottom left hand corner.

This fine weather has proved perfect for our Gladiolas (or should that be Gladioli) which are just beautiful at the moment. Here's a few examples.
Now, just to prove how random this post is. From flowers to a car, and no there's no connection, but a 1962 Opel Record, in immaculate condition, was too good not to be included. There can't be many of these cars left which still have the original paint, like this one.

Now, on to something completely different. Baskets.
Here's an example of a fascinating craft (to give an idea of scale, the middle one is about 80cm high). My father makes these, and has done for over 50 years, from nothing more than straw and string. They've been bought by folk from all over the world, and his craft has been documented in several publications. I'll get around to doing a proper post about the baskets sometime soon, when I get my scanner fixed.
Lately he was asked to produce something slightly different. Place mats.
And here's one of them being made.
And before anybody reading this thinks about wanting to order his products, you'll have to join a fairly long queue. He just does it as a hobby, but it's a hobby which means that at 86 years old, he's a damned sight fitter and healthier than me. :) :)

Now, to end this random post I have 2 more images which just had to be included.
The first is something the wife bought me, and to say the least I can't quite figure out what was going through her mind when she bought it. I had asked her to look for a protective cover for my new mp3 player when she was in town, and this is what she bought. Shown with the mp3 which fits into it nicely.
Maybe she thought that, in winter, I could use it to protect something else. LOL!!!!
And, no prizes for guessing what that 'something else' might be.

But, for the last picture in this weird post. Would anybody like to guess where this picture is from?
I'll make it multiple choice:
A: Norway
B: Shetland
C: England
D: Sweden

Since we've taken pictures in all 4 of those in the last few months, it could be any of the 4. But maybe I didn't take the photo. ;)

Anyway, if you're still reading I salute your staying power. Hope I haven't bored you too much.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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