Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday run to Åndalsnes

A beautiful day, perfect clear skies, and not a breath of wind. So perfect for a little run out in the car.
We would have started earlier in the day, but we were a bit late up last night, and needed a morning nap.
The wife woke from a little 2 hour nap in her resting chair at about noon, and immediately asked, "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?".
Simple answer, "I was sleeping in the couch for the same 2 hours".
Anyhow, the Romsdalsmartna'n (annual market) was on at Åndalsnes, so after adding some motion lotion to the old car, we set of. It's only about 65km, but it took over an hour because the scenery was so stunning today.
The air temperature was just over 10C, but even that varied greatly on the trip. From a low of 6.3C between Måndalen and Søvik, where there was frost on the grass, to 16.3C in the middle of the 6.6km long tunnel between Innfjord and Åndalsnes.
Interestingly there was no road to Åndalsnes from this area until the war, when the Germans used prisoners of war to build the first tunnel.

The market wasn't as interesting as the Tresfjord one a few weeks ago, but I did get a couple of bargains. A heavy winter jacket for only 450 kroner, and a couple of good work shirts for just 250 kroner.
There was nothing at the market worth taking a picture of, although if I could have got the wife into some of the fairground rides there, I might have had some hilarious shots. ;)

Before we left Åndalsnes I got this lovely snap of the Solli, a beautiful craft, and behind her the view into Isfjorden.
 A nice mountain snap, with Romsdalshorn on the right, Vengetindane on the left.
Looking back out the fjord this scene caught my attention. Not because of the mountains, but because most of the posts sticking up from the water have a Scarf (Cormorant) sitting on them. One was even showing off and drying his wings, but I snapped too late.
Back through the tunnel to Innfjord and something in the water there caught my attention. I've never actually seen porpoises in any of the fjords here, so this was a first for me. This pic shows a couple (distantly), but there were at least a dozen cruising around and enjoying the nice day as much as we were.
From Innfjorden we took a detour up the valley to Berill, but I'll add the pics from that in another post. I need to sort them a bit first. But here's a beautiful view looking east across Innfjorden.
And a nice shot of some berries on a Rowan tree which happened to be beside me when I took that shot.
We took another little detour on the way back, into Søvik, to get this shot looking back towards Åndalsnes.
While there we met these lovely guys, but God knows the one in the middle is a real poser, ain't he?
yun's aa fir enoo.

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