Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vestnes architecture....

Architecture in Vestnes is best represented by the mountains.
This morning was the first clear weather we've had for ages. The mountains were standing out particularly well, clean washed by all the rain, and it seemed as though you could see every stone and crevice.
This one is called Remmemstinden.
And in this picture, the high peak of Ystetind, blanketed in a little morning blanket of cloud, sits proudly above the smaller peak of Litletind, to the left.
But, as usual, looking in towards Tresfjord, the clouds were slightly thicker, and the peak of Laupern was just managing to show itself.
These mountains to me are beautiful. Perhaps the best examples of nature's architecture.
So now here's the alternative, designed my humans.
And it's getting worse, Vestnes is quickly becoming the home of serious architectural nightmares.
And, there's worse to come. The new Rema 1000 shop which is being built next door to us has managed to destroy all my faith in planning authorities ever getting anything right.
I'll post a picture of that building soon, if it doesn't break my camera.

Anyway. must calm down, so here's a nice serene sun reflection which I caught today.

I hope everybody has a nice peaceful weekend.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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