Thursday, September 23, 2010

Star Burst pics, and a photo of frames.

I've not had time to post anything this last week as I've been enjoying some overtime. Working extra hours is the best way I know of to keep fit, especially in my job, and even with all the aches and pains of old age, there is nothing that beats the satisfaction of coming home absolutely shattered from a hard days work.
However, as I always carry a camera, I sometimes get some interesting shots.
Here's a few little bits of metal being shipped out on the barge today, winch frames for anchor handling vessels.
You can see from the background that it's been a miserable gray day, yet again. Oddly enough, in less than a year the new bridge across Tresfjorden might appear in the corner of this view, but that's another story.

At work I'm always trying to capture odd pictures from the welding, etc., and today I think I managed a few beauties. The star burst effect is achieved with no fancy lenses, just good luck and a steady hand.

Anyway, should be off for the weekend and we're thinking about taking a run over to Ã…ndalsnes on Sunday to their big annual market day. So maybe have something interesting to post from there.

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