Saturday, September 4, 2010

Landslide (this post is just to get the taste of the last post out of my mouth)

Since some of my Shetland readers have recently had bother with landslides near Laxo, I thought I'd post this little gem from Troms. A real landslide.
Picture credit is:
Check their website for more pictures.

A couple of houses. A couple of cars, and a truck (all of which were parked at the time). Not to mention a problem for the highways department in repairing the road.
Apparently, from the VG website,  a fishing boat rescued somebody from one of the houses that was washed into the sea.

Landslides like this are fairly common in Norway. Clay can be very unstable after heavy rain, and events like these are normally attributed to a phenomenon referred to as 'Quick Clay'.
Check this blog for details of one at Namsos last year.

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