Sunday, August 29, 2010

Syltemartna'n - Tresfjord.

Confusing title for a post? Yup.
Sylte is the kinda central area of the village of Tresfjord, and Syltemartna'n is an annual market that has been held there for well over 100 years.
In olden times it was very much a farmers market where animals were traded, but these days it has become a bit more like what would be  referred to in Britain as a  'car boot sale', or maybe even a 'flea market'.
Dozens of stalls, indoors and outdoors, selling general tat, antiques, and bric-a-brac.
These markets are absolute gems for collectors. Everything from Elvis LPs to 8 gauge shotguns, odd china tea cups to works of art, and all in all a brilliant day out, so that was our destination today.
For once the skies were clear and the mountains looked nice.
Some of the stalls.
I resisted temptation heavily, and got away with buying a set of 10 jigsaw puzzles, and a belt with a Honda buckle on it, although I was tempted by very many other things, including a guitar and an accordion, not that I can play either.

One of the side shows at this event has become a gathering of vintage cars, which was one of the main reasons I agreed to go. So here's some classic motoring memorabilia.
A Challenger.
A 1952 Rover, exactly the same model which was driven by Siegfried Farnon (Robert Hardy), in 'All Creatures Great and Small. (We're nearing the end of watching the complete box set of that excellent TV series).
There are still quite a few of these old Volvos on the road around here.
Jaguar XJ.
Can't remember what this one was, maybe somebody can prompt me.
Big Yankee gas guzzler.
E Type
Beautiful Model T Ford.
Which had this unusual caravan behind it.
Many more which I know nothing about.

Note the wooden spoke wheels on this Buick.
This one really amazed me. Why would anybody want to preserve a Renault 4?
I'm nearly old enough to remember when a truck like this was considered to be big.
The next one is an Opel, but I owned the exact same model under the Vauxhall brand (if memory serves it was called a Viva, although Vauxhall put that name on several models). The one I owned when I lived in Aberdeen became a pile of scrap so I left it sitting with a 'For Sale' sign on it. I quickly had several offers, and took the best one. It was only after a very Indian looking gentleman had paid me more than I thought it was worth, that I realised the reason why he wanted it. The registration included the letters COW.
Again, no idea what this one was.
But this one is a Volvo 1800. An absolute beauty, and I also saw an estate version last year.
And for the last vehicle, I loved this little Norwegian built Panter motorbike. 1969 model, and very much in the style of the late great BSA Bantam.
So, all in all, a nice afternoon out.
But there was a fence needing painting, so what else could I do???
I stayed indoors and prepared dinner. Although I did sneak out to check that 'she who thinks she can paint better than me' was getting on with the fence. ;)
I suppose this counts as the 'bum shot' of this post.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

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