Monday, October 4, 2010

West Norway weather is confusing...

I don't think I'll ever understand the climate in this area of Norway.
Last week there was frost on the ground every morning and the temperature stuggled to climb any higher than 10C during the day.

But last night it got warmer and warmer, and by 6am this morning some weather stations in the area were reporting 21C. I even heard a report of 24C in Tresfjord.
This phenomenon is caused by the 'føhn' wind, but whatever it's called, it's damned confusing for an old Shetlander who expects to wear long underwear from September to May.
So, T-shirts out again, but the survival suit is on standby just in case.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. No long johns, but have got a coat on most days now :o)

  2. I have to admit that when it comes to winter clothes at my work, I end up thinking a bit like a painter (and by that I mean a decorator type painter). I put on several coats before I'm satisfied by the results.
    In Norway, there is a great selection of thermal undergarments available, and heaven knows they are needed. But thankfully they are well designed for the climate, so even puny Shetlanders like me survive, just.
    I think the coldest I've experienced at work since I came here is -18C, but at least I was working.
    When I was at the hospital in Trondheim for treatment last winter the temp dropped to -24.6C. That was the day my mustache froze....
    That was too cold...

  3. LOL frozen tash LOL

    Not aware I've ever been in that sort of cold!

  4. I wish it was that cold just now.
    Our temperature has been over 20C most of the day.
    Indian Summer? Maybe.
    Sweaty? Definitely. Add to that sweat a liberal quantity of metal dust, and the result is a particularly nasty form of grinding paste which ends up in places where grinding paste just should not be.... Yeuchhhh!!!!