Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Internet reconnected...

Thankfully our internet service has been brought back to normal due to a speedy response from Telenor.
It suffered from a common failure yesterday, known as builderitis.
This syndrome is brought on when local builders employ rejects from the cast of Bonanza and other cowboy series, and let them loose at the controls of excavating machines, with little or no consideration for what may be buried where they are digging.

I think it was the town of Tombstone that had a graveyard called "Boot Hill". Well Vestnes has a bloody big hole in the ground called "Cable Hell".
I was kinda hoping that if they dug long enough they might find an old Viking warrior. Not because it would be of archaeological importance, but in the hope that the warrior might rise against the cowboys and kick their butts.

Hopefully the area will return to normal soon. The building work is for a new shop which will open in 4 weeks time, after which Roy Rodgers, and all the other cowboy builders will have moved on to cause nuisance to some other unsuspecting folk.

Yun's yun rant ower we.

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