Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The next unique visitor to this blog......

Will be the 1000th person to be totally confused by the crap I write. LOL
I nearly felt sorry that 1000 people, from 51 countries, have wasted their valuable browsing time by looking at my blog, then I remembered that part of the reason I started the blog was, in my own small way, to promote the beauty of West Norway.
Somewhere through my posts, amongst all the other silly things which define Auld Rasmie (Gamle Rasmus in Norwegian language), there are some great little insights into this area of Norway. And even though I say so myself, I've managed to snap a few good pictures.
So if you're reading this, as the 1000th visitor, or keeping up with me as the first visitor (Hi Sis), I can assure you of one thing.
In future the posts will be no more sensible, but since it's Norway the scenery will always be more beautiful.

And, if the weather forecast is right there could be some snow scenes very soon...

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. 1000th? How owuld I know? What do I win?

  2. Same question from me! How would I know. I could only see pageview counting.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. When you click on the flag counter you get a lot more information, such as the number of 'unique viewers'.
    I see Kev is up to 1579 now, and Randi 8169.
    That flag counter has a load of information when you dig around in the links on it. I've learned a lot about different countries by clicking on their links,,, I've even found out where some of them are in the world.... Geography wasn't my strong point at school, not that anything was a strong point for me at school. lol
    :) :)