Sunday, October 10, 2010

Changing Seasons?

Autumn is here, but for some reason Summer is still trying to hang on by it's fingernails.
The week before last was cold, then last week our temperature went into the 20s again. The trees aren't confused, they've happily started to turn to their Autumn colours.
Although I don't know what the roses in our garden are thinking. They're still managing to give us the impression that it's Summer.

And of course the Gladioli are still coming with stunning displays, like this one.

With these flowers still hanging on to life so well, there are still a few bugs hanging around them for a feed.
I don't know if this one could be classified as a Bee or a Wasp. We kinda figured out that it looked like a crossbreed. Something resulting from the confused mating of a Bee, a Wasp, and a Bluebottle. Anyway, with the lower temperature now it was very sedate, and since it didn't make any buzzing sound, it didn't scare me. 
Speaking about confused mating, the Sparrows are acting a bit stupid, for the time of year. Maybe it's just this year's fledglings practicing for next year, but we've seen them mating (vigorously), and carrying nesting material into the space under the roofing tiles...  And then there's the Great Tits who have taken a sudden interest in the cigarette ends in the ashtray before the door. I was too late to catch one sitting with a butt in it's beak the other day, but evidence of their interest in their new food source is spread around the ashtray most days..
Stupid birds... but they are very entertaining, and give great pleasure with their antics.

Something which is never confusing here, is the beauty of the scenery. When we were at the local garden centre yesterday, buying bulbs to plant for spring, I got these lovely views over Tresfjorden. The first is looking north towards Molde.
And this one is looking east over the fjord towards Daugstad, and Daugstadsetra, an area which I featured in a previous blog.

Anyway, that's all I can think about for now.
Best wishes to all readers for a happy week ahead.

Yun's aa, a'm geeng

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