Friday, October 8, 2010

Just a little thought....

After a very hard week at work, when sometimes I thought that my old body was going to let me down, and fail in it's requirement to do what I asked of it.
I realised that there are four very important things which keep me going:
1) My Children
2) My Peerie Trowie (The wife)
3) Norway. The best country on this Earth.
4) My job.

All 4 are special to me, and I guess I sorted them in the way I think about them in terms of importance. But this made me wonder:

"How often do we silly humans sort things into an 'order of importance', when in fact all these things are equally important, since they are the things which define our life."

Onywye, yun's me tocht fir da day.
A'm geeng


  1. Ditto and the above but...

    3) Shetland (well it feels like a country!)

    P.S. 'plodge' a great word verification :o)

  2. P.P.S. Like the page header Gamle Rasmus.

    Guess it's be there for ever eh? I only just noticed it!

    P.P.P.S getting italian sounding on me now this word verification: 'fessici'

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  4. Damned typos,,,, I'll try again.... Must get new glasses..

    Yup, I'll let you off with number 3. You've kinda adopted Shetland, much in the way that I've adopted Norway. :)

    The translation of Auld Rasmie to the Norwegian "Gamle Rasmus" came about as a result of having to explain to locals what Auld Rasmie meant. So, yup, it's there to stay.

    And, yes, these word verification things can be a helluva laugh. I had one the other night which was "vigara". I had to read it several times before I realised it was just random, and not a spam from an online pharmacy.. lol

  5. Love this one the best =)
    Sadly i cannot agree with any of them so my list is
    2.All three of my parents
    4.The rest of my family