Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday memories - Aerial pictures.

Eventually got round to having a look at some of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pictures which I took during the holidays this year that haven't seen the light of day yet.
I found these lurking in a quiet corner of my hard drive, so decided to dust them of and post them here.
These were all taken during take-off from Sumburgh Airport, in Shetland, on our way home to Norway.
The first one is the village of Toab, in Shetland.
Next is a lovely view of the Bay of Quendale and the Quendale Sand which is about 1.6km long.
On the west side of the bay is a headland called Garths Ness. It was just to the left of this image that the Braer oil tanker grounded in 1993.
And the last one, just a little further west, at the south end of Fitful Head, is one of the most evil looking rocky headlands in Shetland. Siggars Ness.
Anyway, hope you enjoy those pictures, and if you dig through the links I've added from Shetlopedia, you'll find a bit more info about the area.

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Yeh Fitful is pretty enticing, will it ever be calm enough when I'm free for me to potter round there...

  2. Although there are usually plenty of calm days, the problem with Fitful is getting a day with very little swell so that you can explore the geos.
    Best place to launch from is Spiggie, there are some lovely scenes along the cliffs between there and Fitful. The south end of Fitful is best avoided unless with a very slack tide.