Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Extreme Norwegian Road Surfaces - Vestnes style.

It's not often I find anything negative to say about Norway, so this is a bit of an unusual rant.
But, I've had enough.
In April the road I drive on every day to work was dug up by a bunch of cowboys. Six months later it still hasn't been reinstated, and here's the evidence:
It's strange that this is the second time in a couple of weeks that I've used the term 'cowboy' in reference to the local construction industry, but until they change their ways I'll continue to call a spade an effin' shovel.

But, looking on the bright side. I made sure I took the picture when a lot of the workers were watching, (note the fact that they were watching and not working), which is half the problem with this particular brand of cowboy, so perhaps they'll get the message and do something about it before somebody damages their car, or some poor old lady trips and falls because of their negligence.
Although perhaps a rant about the workers is maybe a little unfair, without mentioning the governing body who should be doing something about it:
The Vestnes Kommune road and traffic department.

And, just in case it's not fixed soon, I'll keep highlighting this problem until it is fixed...

Rant over fir enoo.

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