Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The cold spell we were expecting has arrived. Had to scrape the car windows this morning, and listen to the wife telling me to be careful driving without winter tyres on... What she just doesn't understand is that big boys like me like to have a little bit of fun with the snow before we conform to the rules about snow tyres on 1st November, after which time snow gets damned boring.
But, enough about the wife's concern for my safety, or perhaps my stupidity, here's a few images from this afternoon.
11cm of snow on the table before the door.
And the bushes had a good load on them as well.
But the first snow of any winter is nice.
Until you switch on the TV....
Ahhhh! Cleared the path but forgot about the important things. Check the satellite dish... Yup, the LNB wasn't receiving very much through this lot.
Anyway, hope those pictures make you feel that you're warmer, wherever you are. It certainly can't be as cold as it is here.

Lighting a candle definitely helps make things look a bit warmer, so here's a picture of our 'before the door candle' tonight.
Or to make things feel colder. I have just stuffed the first snow of this winter down the wife's back... She's still shivering.... LOL  No doubt there will be payback for that.
Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. LOL a bit more snow there than here. Just annoying balsts from time to time. Stopped me going out sailing on an otherwise nice day. Don't need pelting with hail and not seeing where I'm going all of a sudden!

  2. Yup, could be the time of year to stash the Kayak and Sailing boat in the shed.
    Don't think it will be long before I have my first sore butt this winter, from failure to control my skis. lol