Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The last few days....

Not really had time for my computer lately, due to pressure of work. Every day just seems to be work, eat, shave, shower, and sleep. With very little time for anything else.
But, when I downloaded my camera tonight I found a few useful images.
The first one is one of our welders doing a bit of grinding. 20th second exposure makes the sparks look really good.
Next I found was this beauty of a boat which was lying in the marina here yesterday. No idea where she comes from, web search for the name found nothing, but she's nice.
Then, of course, there's the 'bum shot',,, I'll get killed for this. While I was making dinner the other night, I looked out the door, to see Peerie Trowie tackling the rose bush again. She's getting more adventurous all the time,,,, and I'll say nothing about her... Well, Ok, I'll just say nothing... ;)
But now for a couple of sensible pictures.
This morning the sun rose beautifully on 'Our Mountains', which have completely lost their snow this year. This was the shot from our door, just after 6am.
And a view over the voe, from near the church, after I had run Peerie Trowie to the ferry at 6.30am.
Everything has suddenly started to take on an Autumn appearance.

Yun's aa fir enoo.
Must go and hide before the main 'critical commentator on my blog' sees one of those pictures. LOL

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  1. My comment disappeared! LOVE the sparks flying - more welder photos, and steel, and things like that!