Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunndalsøra to Støren

East from Sunndalsøra the road follows the river Driva through the bottom of the valley. Along the side of the valley there were several places where annual avalanches meant the trees never get a chance to grow, like this one.
About half way up the valley the road starts to climb onto the mountains at the north side. Many small rivers, like this one, cascade down beneath the road.
And below the road the eroded rocks displayed beautiful patterns.
At this point there is no floor to the valley, just the river, way down in a gorgeous gorge. And on the far side, one of the many hill farms occupies a clearance in the woods.
Farm houses stand here and there, all along the road, like this one.
There was a rather nice shed next to it.
At the head of the valley we stopped for a break at Oppdal and met this friendly Troll.
The mountains in this area are rather more rounded than the ones further west but still reach a height of about 1600 metres.
Oppdal itself isn't a brilliantly exciting place. Just the usual gathering of shops, cafes, etc. Most of them totally bereft of any architectural beauty.
From Oppdal we headed north through fairly constant rain, hence no pictures until we got to our night stop at Støren, where the rain stopped, thankfully.
Støren is a fairly small village which stands on the banks of the river Gaula, about 50km south of Trondheim.
The river is very popular with Salmon fishers. A board, near reception at the cabin, showed the top ten catches this summer. All over 10Kg. I think the record for that area was a 19.7Kg Salmon, a couple of years ago.
Because it's a popular fishing spot we had to pay 750 kroner for this cabin.
Nice cabin, and as usual we were well prepared, thanks to 'she who keeps me organised'. We had even taken along a DVD player and some DVDs to watch since some cabins don't have players. But this one didn't even have a sodding TV... Not happy,,,, Not happy atall. GRRR!!
So we had to settle down to plan B for entertainment.
Sudoko and light refreshments.
It wasn't very warm, so the coke had to be fortified a little bit. ;)

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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