Thursday, August 12, 2010

Art perfection

It's not often that a painting catches my attention, but when I clicked on moder-dye's blog tonight (sorry Kev, hope you don't mind me pinching your picture), this picture made me fall back in my chair. It's a painting, which looks like a photograph.
(Picture courtesy of: moder-dye )
The painting won the Best In Show Trophy at the Cunningsburgh Show, and deservedly so.
I've known the subject of this work for many years. He's one of life's warm hearted individuals who I am delighted to think of as a friend, and I'm so happy to see him immortalised on canvas like this.

I couldn't help but associate a certain YouTube video with this painting. I still don't know who the artist was in this case, so I can only apologise in advance if this association is out of place.

Yun's aa fir enoo

An Boon owes me a pint ;)

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