Saturday, August 7, 2010

A night stop in Sweden.

Once the doctors were finished with me in Trondheim we headed back south on the E6 to Støren, where we'd stayed the night before, then turned east towards the Swedish border through a valley called Gauldalen. It's not a very exciting valley, just the usual trees, but every now and then something like this can be seen.
Or this beautiful old bridge.
About 100km southeast from Støren we came to Glåmos. A small village, about 630 metres above sea level, with a rather nice railway station.
Turning east from Glåmos we passed the north side of of Norway's larger lakes, Aursunden. The largest lake in Norway is Mjøsa, which lies south of Lillehammer, and must be over 100km long, but Aursunden is a bit more special. Oddly shaped, almost like a tuning fork, its surface is 690 metres above sea level, and we saw it on a beutiful day. Just imagine this image for a jigsaw puzzle.

East from there we crossed the Swedish border. Nothing special about crossing a border, you may think. But crossing from Norwegian to Swedish road surfaces is just like finding yourself driving a Porsche after 20 years in an Austin A35.
We went as far as Funåsdalen, a small village which nestles above this beautiful little lake.

As usual, and for some reason I'll never understand, my fascination with churches continued, although part of the reason for this picture was the building on top of the mountain.
This area of Sweden is all about skiing. There are dozens of ski lifts up the sides of the mountains, and many cafes, restaurants, etc. at the top of the mountains.
In a place which is basically a massive ski resort, it was obvious that the winter transport would be parked at this time of year. I'd love to play with one of those in winter, but likely the wife wouldn't let me. ;)
By the time we got there this museum was closed, which was a shame, but it's a very impressive building.
And I loved this sculpture of a girl with a goat.
But it was getting late so after a few kilometres of driving we found a cabin to stop in. Only 500 Swedish Kroner for the night and, unlike Støren on the previous night, this one had TV & DVD in the sitting room, and even a TV in the bedroom.
There was a few other Swedish touches. Like an advert for 'massage' on the back of the door, and this little building next door, which we assumed was a sauna.
I hasten to add that neither 'massage' or sauna were partaken of... Too old for that. ;)
I just had to include a picture of a ski lift, don't know why, but here it is.
In the morning, after a lovely nights sleep in a 6ft wide bed, where I lost my Peerie Trowie completely, we headed back into Norway and our main destination for the day, Røros, which I'll tell about tomorrow.
On the way we passed this little lake called Djupsjøen (Deep Sea), 705 metres above sea level.

Next stop Røros, and the most fantastic museum ever. But that's for the next post.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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