Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank God it's Friday

It's been a tough week on my old aching bones, but thankfully I'm not working tomorrow, apart from any minor tasks that my wife throws in my direction. Which most likely means that I'll wish I was at work. ;)
Abby commented on my last blog post that she'd like to see more welding pics. Well, it's one of the hardest things to shoot with these modern digital cameras. In the old days of SLR cameras, loaded with real film, I knew what to do. But the little snap camera which I carry with me everywhere came with instructions in about every language apart from English, not that I ever read the instructions,,, I'm a man. ;)

So I just snap away, try to get the angle right, and annoy the hell out of my fellow workers by pointing a camera at them all of the time.
The first three pictures are all of one of my favourite welders. She's a lovely girl, does a great job, and proves 100% that tough jobs can be done by the female of the species.
I have to admit I couldn't stand the boredom of, or the concentration required for, welding. I'm just happy to bung it together, then hand it over to the welders.

Here's the nearest to a decent 'arty farty' shot that I could manage today. Mig welder, 8th second, and it nearly worked.
And now for a complete change of subject.
What in the name of Top Gear is this????
I was too slow to get a frontal shot, not that it looked much better than the rear. Which leads me to believe that it was a beetle in disguise.
Caterpillars change into Moths or Butterflys, so maybe this car is just about to change into something beautiful such as a Triumph Dolomite.. :) :) LOL
Anyway, turned around from that and got hit by one of my worst failures in life. A rainbow.
Sadly I just see blue and yellow, but the wife told me it was beautiful, so I'll believe her. :(
Then, for the last snap of the day, I turned the camera west, and wondered if that damned Icelandic volcano (the one which nobody can pronounce the name of) had erupted again.

yun's enyoch sharn fir ee nicht.
A'm geeng.

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