Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bush Control

After 3 weeks of holidays, and far too much driving, it's great to spend a little time relaxing at home.
But relaxing can only go on for so long, then thoughts have to turn to the garden, and the neglect it has suffered from our absence.
So this morning Peerie Trowie was out attacking Hitler. That's the nickname I gave to the rosebush at our door, mainly because it is intent on global domination. She's getting the beast tamed at last, after hours of pruning, although I'm just waiting for the day when she falls into the damned thing and needs a helicopter to rescue her.
Here she is at the peak of her efforts today. (We'll just call this today's bum shot)

That rose bush is amazing. At any given time I estimate that there is between 300 and 500 blooms on it, and thankfully most of them hang over the other side of the wall. Throughout the season I'd guess that there must be at least 5000 flowers, and we're constantly walking on rose petals.

And then there is the 'other bush'.
Yes it looks lovely when it flowers, but that's only for a week or two, then it goes all limp and floppy like a ,, well,,, something or nothing.
So it had to be dealt with, and Peerie Trowie had a plan. Knock in a few posts, put some lengths of wood between them, and generally hold her dear little bush up so it didn't flop on the ground.
She plans, I do what I'm told, and maybe that's the way it should be. But her idea for stiffening this limp bush was a bit like spraying hairspray on a worm to get it back into it's hole. So enter Auld Rasmie's braincell.
After doing what she wanted, well almost, I suggested the addition of some extra wood, vertical boards. Call it bush viagra if you will, but the result is altogether satisfying. We now have a bush which looks many years younger, more erect in its stature, and more pleasing to the eye when it has no flowers.
Although, after an afternoon of fighting that damned bush with the temperature in the mid 20s, I wish I had gone with my original plan for it. A gallon of petrol and a match.

And as a last thought, because of those vertical boards. While I was doing that job today I recalled a brilliant US TV series called "Picket Fences". Am I wrong in thinking that Picket Fences was the best TV series ever produced in the US?

Yun's aa fir enoo

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