Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Images (and these are really random)

I hauled out the SLR camera tonight to take a picture which I thought moder-dye might appreciate, since he's always paddling around in his kayak. Although this guy was actually fishing.
When I downloaded the camera I realised that it hadn't been used for a while and I found these lovely mountain shots.
Then while I was trying to sort the images into files, I stumbled across this (don't even ask how my filing system works, it was redesigned by a Trowie, and now things pop up in the weirdest of places).
The ferry terminal at Anda has a slightly confusing parking area, which I thought was represented perfectly by this sign.
That sign is also a perfect representation of my picture filing system. LOL

Yun's aa fir enoo


  1. Now I've not been fishing up here off a yak yet but I do have a line to troll. looks a bit more relaxing than my last venture there!

  2. Every time I see somebody in the Fjord with a canoe or Kayak now, I think about your adventures Kev.
    These fjords have no swell, and almost no wind. It's a dream, or is it? Maybe there's far more fun when there's a bit of salt spray.

    The wife tells me I'm too old for things like canoes, kayaks, and base jumping, but I only listen to her when she's right. ;)