Monday, December 20, 2010

Unbelievable Best Before Date....

In the last month I've bought 3 products from local shops which were past their 'best before date', but the packet of Salami I bought from the Coop shop here in Vestnes on Saturday has got to take the prize for the worst stock control balls-up that any retailer has ever made. Note carefully the date, remembering that we are currently living in the year of our Lord 2010, then make a mental note to avoid shopping, if possible, at any Coop store. Assuming you live in Norway.
Not much can be done about it apart from getting a replacement and hearing lame excuses. For once the UK system actually looks good for dealing with the likes of this. Any UK shop would have been dragged through the courts by trading standards, and fined heavily.

Well, maybe a little something can be done,,,,, now how do I add tags to this to help Googlebots find the Gilde and Coop brand names????
Exits post cackling in an evil manner, since I've just remembered how to add the tags....

Anyway, on a lighter note.
Heading for Ă…lesund tomorrow. Wife has to see the doctor about a few of her recurring aches and pains. Which brings me to my most recurring pain..... She says we shall combine it with a ''''''SHOPPING''''' trip..

Yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Hmm, shopping TRIP, in my younger, more careless days that would have been a bad trip.
    The internet is good for somethings, still have to face the Post Office Aquarium tho.

  2. Could be worse, atleast you're not going to the docs! (hope it goes well)

    Doesn't salami keep for ever even if it's not packaged? May be you should eat some and see what it's like. I remember hearing about old corned beef from the poles still being edible.

    If we see no more posts we'll contact the Coop :o)

  3. HE HE.. I don't eat Salami very often, so I wouldn't know,,, but the wife eats it a lot, and although she doesn't mind a few days out of date, that was pushing the limits a tad.. Although I have enjoyed a beer that was more than a year out of date. ;) :) :)

    I was actually at the doctors yesterday. Maybe needing an op to cure a minor foot problem.. Dunno what it is with old age, but doctors visits seem to get nearer between. lol

    And Shetlandpeat, the shopping trip was HELL.. As for the other kind of 'trip', I had a bad one of those after my op last year. Some painkillers they gave which had Codine in them,,, after floating somewhere near the ceiling for a couple of hours I decided to stick with Ibuprofen. :) :) :D :D