Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

Maybe a strange subject for a blog entry, but Christmas Cards just aren't a done thing in Norway.
The UK and US have shops which specialise in cards for all occasions and at this time of year those shops are brimming over with so many different cards that it's quite a job to pick the right one.
I know I've spent hours searching through the cards in various shops, just hoping to find the one with the right text. I always thought that the text in a card was more important that the picture on it, and when all else failed I always liked to add a personal little message or verse.

But in Norway Christmas cards, or any other cards, just don't really exist. And certainly not any decent ones.
The retailers will catch on eventually, but in the meantime I've become quite adept at producing my own cards for all occasions.
The cards I produce always carry a "trademark" image on the back, but apart from that the content varies with my mood, from nice, to ridiculous, to hilarious, or even downright stupid. But all the cards are personalised to the people who are receiving them.

This brings me to the point of this little ramble through my brain cell.
Having learned how to produce cards for a few pennies, I would never go back to spending mega bucks to buy a fancy card with words which don't say exactly what I want.
So if you're using a computer you have the capability to do the same thing. Make your own cards and give your friends and family a laugh with the content. It saves a little money in these hard times, but the personal touch is what makes it really worthwhile.

yun's aa fir enoo

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