Sunday, December 19, 2010


I mentioned Nisser in an earlier post, they're the little folk here in Norway. Julenisse is basically the equivelant of Santa Claus.
Well over the years the wife has gathered quite a collection of Julenisser, and at this time of year they suddenly appear from their hiding holes to litter any available surface with their presence. They get everywhere. I even found one hiding inside the clock last year. But I'm always polite and courteous to them, after all I don't want to risk one of them getting naughty and ending up in my computer. ;)

Here's a few who were just standing around looking for somewhere to hide.
And in this little display there are nearly 40 of the little,,, dears,,, hiding somewhere.
I never know where I'll find one next. But as long as they stay out of my computer, and my underwear drawer, I don't mind them...

Of course this post will have to be spell checked by the wife in case I've made my usual blunder..
Nisse is correct, but Nise is a boob because that is the Norwegian name for a Porpoise. (Neesik in Shetland dialect, so now I know the source of another Shetland word).

yun's aa fir enoo

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