Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Christmassy things....

Christmas is fast approaching, less than 24 hours until we start our celebrations here in Norway.
On Julaften (Christmas Eve) the festivities start with a Church Service and the ringing of the Church bells for the start of Christmas at 5pm.
Almost every grave in the Churchyard has a candle lit, in remembrance of those departed... I find that part really moving.
Then the first really big feed of the festive season begins... Pinnekj√łt (salted lamb) with all the trimmings.. I'll post about that tomorrow night, if I don't have too much Christmas 'spirit'. ;)
After a big feed, presents are opened. And I can't wait to see how well I've done at disguising my presents to my dear peerie wife. I love disguising presents, so sometimes a big box may contain something small, or a small box something,,, nope, haven't figured how to get something big in a small box yet. Need help from Doctor Who with that one. LOL.

I said in an earlier post that the only Christmas tree we would be having this year was an outdoor one, to avoid a shower of Pine needles on the floor. But, we've changed our minds. We have a Christmas tree indoors after all. And it's an environmentally friendly one...
It's not big, but it's growing in a pot. So when Christmas is over we'll look after it and slowly introduce it to the great outdoors where it can continue to grow.

Another big theme of Christmas in this house are these darned little Santa ornaments which appear everywhere. Julenisser, to give them their local name, are taking over everything. This one had slipped on his butt and landed on my keyboard.
But this one was chancing his luck on the charging pad of my mouse. When challenged, he instantly held his hand up so I took him into custody.
 If he behaves overnight I'll let him go in the morning.

Yun's aa fir enoo

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