Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some pictures from today.

When I got up this morning the moon was just about to set. It looked like a big snowball rolling down the side of the hill.
About 11am I had a little walk past the marina. The Frostrøyk (frost smoke) over the fjord was spectacular.
I'm getting a bit worried about some of the sharp icicles which are hanging above our door, I wouldn't want one of these hitting the crown of my head.
I had another little walk before lunch. Difficult to get decent pictures with the frostrøyk swirling around, but I managed this one of the old bridge. (over 150 years old).
 The frostrøyk made this scene look a little haunting.
 With the temperature struggling to get above -10C today, everything looked great. Here's a view west over Flatevågen.
 But the sun had been up for over an hour, it was getting tired, so time for it to settle back behind the mountains again.
 Back home from my walk, with my ears burning cold, I took a last snap looking east over the flord.
yun's aa fir enoo

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  1. Lovely. More smoke frost here today. Pretty thick in places too.