Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm weathersick,,,

And that's a helluva thing for a Shetlander to say...
This summer has been a S.H.I. ning example of how global warming just doesn't exist.
Maybe me and Jeemie caused the problem by thinking we should launch the boat at the beginning of April. We've had a few fishing trips, a few fish, been pissed on by rain, etc.. But we'll keep trying.
It's always worth having a few hours in the boat when there's scenery like this.
Looking in towards the end of Tresfjorden.
Looking east past Bakknesset (guess I spelled that wrong).
Occasionally I allow the crew to use a camera, hence this image of me.
But he only got to take one shot. I got this one of him with a little fish.
And then this image of the relaxed fisherman after he had gutted about 80 Sillocks (Småsei i Norsk) (Small Coalfish in English)..
And, yes, he got sunburned. ;)

More fishing and boating pictures coming soon. And I have to catch up on a few other things which I meant to post about... Here's a taster..
Weather permitting we're heading out sometime in the next couple of days for a small road trip since my youngest daughter is here on holiday. I think we'll head up through Kristiansund, then on to Trondheim. A likely detour from there will be a stop in Hell (Google search for 'Hell, Norway'). Then maybe down to Røros and Tynsett, before heading over into Sweden for a chance to drive on some decent roads.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

Da Auld Een


  1. What did you do with all those sillock, they for eating or bait? Hoping to get out for a sail round Bressay if the weathers right on Sunday :o)

  2. All for eating Kev.. YUM YUM. :)
    Looking forward to pics from your Bressay sailing trip.