Monday, January 30, 2012

Up Helly Aa.

Above image courtesy of Kozetland1 and

In the small town of Lerwick, capital a small group of islands known as Shetland, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea, and on the last Tuesday of January every year, normally sane men start dressing up as women.... As well as Vikings, and just about anything else.....
Of course that's why some locals jokingly refer to this day as 'Transvestite Tuesday'. But it's all part of the world famous fire festival called Up Helly Aa.

Here's a few links which will explain it better than I could ever do:, with hundreds of pictures (That's a wiki based site so navigation is easy with the normal category system)

Kozetland1 (Bloger, photographer, and one of the main contributors to Shetlopedia for pictures and info related to Up Helly Aa.)

Official Up Helly Aa Website

And finally a link to a webcam broadcast which will become live tomorrow, 31st January, the day of the festival.
That webcam link will be well worth watching tomorrow evening from about 1900 UK time.

Oh, just while I'm here:
An update on Hamish the Haggis.
As last reported he arrived in Oslo at 05.15 on Thursday 26th.. God only knows what he's been getting up to since then, because when I checked DHL tracking tonight, this is what I found:

Monday 30th January, 13.45: Clearance processing completed, Oslo - Norway
Monday 30th January, 1855:  Processed for clearance, Oslo - Norway
Monday 30th January, 1856:  Clearance Delay...
This last line is kinda what I expected anyway... Just think about the usual problems with Scots travelers.... Yup, now I've figured out what he's been up to since Thursday. He's spent the weekend in the pub, now he's not allowed on the flight until he sobers up.

Onywye, yun's aa fir enoo.

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