Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet "Meegie da Megane"

I finally took the plunge and decided to get a slightly newer car.
Honey da Honda, which I've featured in a few posts before, such as this one would have needed quite a few dollars spent on her to get her through her test so I decided to put that money towards a newer wheeled device.
Because both me and the wife are getting older and more infirm with each year that passes, the main thing I looked for in a replacement car was ease of access for worn out knees and hip joints. It didn't take me long to realise that a French piece of crap called a Renault Megane was about the best suited of what was available within my meager budget.
This car may grow on me (unlikely), but that is just because my old Honda has been such a faithful friend for the last 4 years.. But never mind, I'll tell the Honda's final story in another post shortly, when I have to deliver her to the breakers yard.

So I've landed myself with a French Bread on wheels which has all the character and personality of a snail, or perhaps a French president. It has more damned electronic devices than a space shuttle,,,,, and whoever heard of starting a car with a button that looks like the 'Print' button on a damned photocopier????

But, maybe she'll be nice. I will judge her with time.
Oh, I forgot to mention the reason why I've called her 'Meegie'. It's quite simple actually. In English the name Margaret quite often gets shortened to Maggie (as in Thatcher). Megan quite often gets shortened to Meg,,, see where I'm going??
Well in Shetland Margaret always seemed to become Meegie, or at least it did before some yuppies decided that Mags was more trendy. So that's how I arrived at the name, (although I did think to give it a French name, such as Brian,,,, after the snail on the Magic Roundabout,,, are you old enough to remember that?)

Anyway here she is:
"Meegie da Megane"
I had to drive 20Km to find some decent mountains to use as a backdrop for the picture to make her look good.

Yun's aa fir enoo.