Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a few thoughts

After a few weeks of thinking I eventually came up with a few things worth posting. Whether it is worth reading is another thing all together, but here goes.
Firstly, since I was here last the Blogger format has changed so I'm likely to make a complete screw-up of this post, so apologies for that. But it can't be any worse than previous posts anyway.
Secondly, we eventually managed to get the boat back in the water about a fortnight ago. Me and Jeemie have been out fishing a few times, caught very little, been frozen to the bone, lost some tackle, and it would be understandable if we never wanted to go fishing again.
But.. and that's a very big BUT...
There is always the consolation of the scenery. So, even with no fish, these views are worth the effort.

On Tuesday we went all the way into Tresfjord, about 11km, and this shot is looking west towards Skorgedalen (I know I've spelled that wrong, but the wife who is my official Norsk spell-checker has gone to bed).
 After a while, trying and failing (fishing), we headed back towards more homely waters. Here's a shot into the head of Tresfjord.
 Our previous trips yielded a few fish and a couple of nice views as well.

And here's one of the fish Jeemie caught. His first flatfish in Norwegian waters.
Anyhow, we heard on the grapevine (internet) yesterday, that the Trout have arrived in the fjord, so hopefully my next post will show something slightly more worthy of placement on my dinner plate.
We're having to learn new fishing techniques for the local waters, and this will take time, but one thing I have learned so far is that using an old Shetland idea of towing  a Dorro behind the boat works very well here. Especially for Trout.
The word 'Dorro' comes from the Old Norse word  "Dyrhja" (To fish with a trolling line). And it was the first form of fishing I was introduced to by my father nearly 50 years ago, when we fished for Sillocks and Piltocks.

Thirdly. If you've got past Firstly and Secondly. I have got to touch for a moment on our weather... It is still absolutely, utterly, totally,,, CRAP..., for this time of year. We still have snow forecast for the week ahead.

Now, I don't really know if 'fourthly' is a word, but the fourth thing I thought I'd mention tonight was my birthday which somehow rushed up and bit me a few days ago... 55 years old ... and it scared me to realise that I had reached such an age and was still breathing. I guess I've gotten to the age now where I can say I've done most of the things I wanted to do, most of the things I didn't need to do, most of the things which I shouldn't have done, some things which were illegal, a few things which were maybe immoral , taken pleasure from them all, and resolved to tell my children that I did it all wrong..... And whilst on the subject of my birthday, and with special thought to things which are morally wrong, I have to give a very special mention to my dear wife for her annual cake baking fiasco. She dutifully bakes me a chocolate cake for my birthday, a beast of a thing which defies all diets, has a calorie count akin to the horse power of a Bugatti Veron, and has been known to kill my hunger for 5 days. (Recipe available from '').

Damn, so much for a quick 10 min post... I'm rambling again. ;)

Must stop , so:

Yun's aa fir enoo

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  1. I used to always troll a line with plug/spinner/feathers on behind the kayak when I was paddling out to fishing spots. Caught plenty of mackies and some other stuff that way. Hoping to get out on my recently acquired open canoe time for some fishing this year.

    Good to see you posting again :oD